As the saying goes, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single footstep. This year, my journey was to blog every single week and resist the temptation to delete any of those posts. I started 2017 on a Sunday and I’m simultaneously amazed and proud that I am ending this year’s blog … More 2017

[Poetry] Quiet

I think it’d be nice to have a little quiet. Not silence. Just quiet. A pause whilst you gather your breakfast at the table And I read out the little things I find interesting from the newspaper Pressed warm between my fingertips. The soft fall of water as you shower And you come out smelling … More [Poetry] Quiet

[Poetry] Smiles

My grandfather is a man Who calls me by my full name In broken English, rounded vowels Even though my Chinese name Would be so much simpler I do not remember a time He did not make me smile   With hands soft as worn out velvet Wrinkled by the passing of time His palm … More [Poetry] Smiles

[Fiction] First Love

“Don’t you have anyone to play with?” The teacher leaned down to speak with her, smiling too widely. There was never anyone to play with, but Lemon wasn’t sure how to say that. Instead, she shook her head. “No, Miss.” “That’s a shame,” the teacher replied, her eyes soft with pity. “Where are all your … More [Fiction] First Love