Love Yourself

There’s a great dichotomy between loving yourself and arrogance, yet the line is but a gossamer thread.  I joke a lot about loving myself to the point of arrogance. When someone compliments me, I sigh dramatically and ask why they’re pointing out the obvious. I could just say a simple ‘thank you’ and move on, … More Love Yourself

On Social Justice and Special Snowflakes

The term “politically correct” is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as follows: conforming to a belief that languages and practises which could offend political sensibilities (as in matters of sex and race) should be eliminated. Taking this reading alone, I think it’s a sentiment that difficult to disagree with- after all, who could confess to deliberately … More On Social Justice and Special Snowflakes

[Fiction] Ch. 1 – Poison, Sword, Coin and Crown

[Read for free on Wattpad]   He should have known that his father’s paranoia would be his downfall. For months, the King had been sleeping fitfully, but when his eyes closed, his dreams were filled with crashing waves that swept his kingdom away, or else burning fires that consumed all. The King had called for … More [Fiction] Ch. 1 – Poison, Sword, Coin and Crown

The Millennial Market

It seems that Millenials are blamed for almost anything these days, but for me, I think the most interesting thing we’re blamed for is “killing” several industries. From golf [x] to soap [x], there doesn’t seem to be  any industry that hasn’t faced a decline in sales because of Millennials. Which, if you switch your … More The Millennial Market