Photo Diary: Tokyo

Back in November (was that really almost a month ago already?), I went to Tokyo for a holiday with my family. Being quite a bit colder than Hong Kong, I was left with dried out skin and a permanently runny nose, which is why I’m leaving out all the photos of me (you’re welcome!). In some ways, Tokyo felt kind of familiar, even though it was my first time visiting. The cooler weather reminded me of Ye Old England, and how bad my eczema used to be before I moved to humid HK. The Japanese style of queueing was another thing that reminded me of British manners. Isn’t that strange? On the other hand, surrounded by East Asian faces and skyscrapers definitely felt like Hong Kong, except I didn’t feel like I was fighting for survival to get through a crowd.


Shibuya crossing. It’s swarming with tourists running back and forth across the road taking selfies and videos. And yes, that included us.


Sensoji Temple, and the markets surrounding it.

057 058  059060 070 072 077 081

Hot sweet sake with brown sugar mochi086 109 110 119 121 125 131

572 584 587

Hongwan-ji, a Jodo Shinshu Buddhist temple.


Myongji Street, famous for its pancakes


As it turns out, the pancakes aren’t really pancakes, but bowls of ingredients you mix and spread out on the grill in the middle of your table. It doesn’t stick together like a Western style pancake, but you pick up your portion with a scraper-like cutlery.

039 040 048042

In Japan, the Royal family resides within Tokyo. Whilst their private quarters are heavily guarded and closed to the public, the outer gardens are open for tourists and locals alike to stroll through.

533 539 549

Meiji Shrine, dedicated to the Emperor Meiji and his wife, Emperess Shoken598 602 604

Barrels of Sake are offered to the shrines every year

606 607 609 614

Tokyo Tower


Can’t go to Japan without eating sashimi and ramen!570571

Tokyo Skytree (the tallest tower in the world)594597

My favourite part of the sounvenir shop…144

Takeshita Street

616 619


Not quite what was advertised but still tasty and freshly made!

620 622 623


Tokyo Observatory tower (free entry!)

628 630

Bank of Japan

643 652 653

Tonki, a restaurant specialising in tonkatsu (breaded, deep fried pork cutlet). It’s still running after several decades and remains hugely popular.


661 662 663


Whenever I travel abroad, I always like going through local convenience stores just to see the difference to what I’m used to. My most surprising find was this spaghetti sandwich! I wasn’t brave enough to try it though.




Endless rows of cup noodles

527 665 666 667

Look how realistic these keyrings are!

669 671


Tsukiji Fish market. Auctions start at 4am and they only let in 100 people on a first come, first serve basis. However, we just went to eat the variety of fresh seafood, fishballs, omlette rice as well as the multiple snack stores.

673 675 677 678 679 684 686 690 691 697 701 703


And that was our trip! We also spent two days at Disneyland, which I will talk about in another post. Still, a week felt far too short to explore this city, and I’m definitely going to return someday. See you soon, Japan!712


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