A Welsh Weekend


We had been driving about three hours without a break- leaving us hot, sweaty and cramped. The car itself was an old tin can that made ominous sounds every time it- well, moved, really. Inside the car were the four of us, all with extremely different personalities and the static from the radio that couldn’t quite catch the right station. My legs were cramped. My neck ached.

And yet, it had been a long time since I’d had so much fun.

I guess this is the part where I insert a gross quote about friendship from Pinterest, but quite frankly the thought makes me cringe. Instead, I’ll just say how awesome it is to be friends with some really amazing people.

The plan had been to hike Snowdon, but when we arrived the heavens had opened and seemed intent on washing the mountain away. Instead, we checked into our hotel, The Anglesey Arms Hotel in Caernarfon (by which point the weather had cleared up). It’s in a quaint area and built directly between Caernarfon Castle and the sea.

View from in front of The Anglesey Arms




Despite the gloomy sky above us, we walked about to explore Caernarfon a little more. The streets were mostly empty as Wales were playing in the Eurocup.IMG_2073


We spent the evening in Bangor, where one of my friends went to university. Running down Bangor Pier and taking photos might not sound all that exciting but I assure you, it’s all about the company you keep.








The low tide left these staircases exposed at the end of the pier, and I thought they looked pretty cool in a sort of post apocalyptic kind of way… Or maybe I just have an overactive imagination…?



We might have failed at hiking Snowdon (no sleep lost over that, I assure you), but I’m glad we got to spend this quick break together. Surround yourself with good people and you don’t need to go anywhere fancy or do anything adventurous- quality time together is enough!



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