Photodiary: 6 hours in Liverpool

On Sunday I spent the day in Liverpool. We didn’t have much time to begin with since it was a day trip, and accidentally missing our train in the morning didn’t help, either. (In our defense, they never played an announcement that the platform had changed. Or at least it wasn’t very loud…) I wasn’t planning on blogging about it since I forgot my camera, but it’s been a while since I updated so I’ll share a few snapshots from my phone.

We attended my friend’s church in the morning, based closed to Chinatown. Chinatown, as it turns out, is more of a short street, but their pagoda is a lot nicer than Manchesters.


The first place we explored by Liverpool Cathedral, which is the fifth largest cathedral in the world. I hadn’t been inside since I was a student on a school trip. I distinctly remember sitting on the stairs and trying to sketch the stained glass windows.

20161218_125752 20161218_125839 20161218_130018 20161218_130404

(Above) This part of the cathedral is called the “Whispering Arches”. If you sit on one end of the arch, the curve allows sound to travel to the other side, even if you’re only speaking in whispers. Supposedly, this was how nuns and priests flirted without getting caught. I wonder how many secrets and scandals the arch has listened to?20161218_130717 20161218_130723 20161218_130737 20161218_130842 20161218_130905

Further down the road is Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, which my friend described as a “waste disposal unit meets modern Tower of Sauron”. Personally, I think Tower of Saruman is more accurate, but we can discuss Tolkein trivia another day. Either way, you can see by the photo below his description wasn’t far off. Apologies to the architects, but I’m not a fan…


We stopped for lunch at the KO Grill. It was only about £10 per head, despite how much food we ordered. If you’re there, try out the masala chips!img-20161218-wa0006img-20161218-wa0007

I don’t know about you, but my mum always says it’s best to take a walk after eating, so this was a good opportunity to explore the docks a little bit.

20161218_151958 20161218_152130 20161218_152409 20161218_152835 20161218_153059 20161218_153752 20161218_153806 20161218_154415 20161218_160205

Unfortunately, we didn’t have much time to visit the Beatles museum or the Tate gallery, so maybe we’ll be back for Liverpool Part 2.

Merry Christmas,



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