Real Magic


To be honest, my life is nowhere near as exciting as I wish it was. In fairness, this isn’t a unique problem, but I think a more interesting life is something most of us fantasise about nonetheless. Whilst trying to stick to my weekly schedule, I really struggled to come up with something exciting to write about for this post. It’s not like I’ve been anywhere or tried anything new. What could possibly be magical enough to capture anyone’s attention?

My office at work is pretty standard, I think. I have a wooden desk covered in files and papers. Directly in front of me is a computer screen, to my left is a pile of pens and behind me is a filing cabinet. You can’t blame me for having wild daydreams, right?

But whilst I was creating crazy stories in my head about far off places and wishing for more magic, it occurred to me that perhaps real magic isn’t so impossible after all. I’m not talking about Hollywood style special effects (although, let’s face it, that would be cool). I’m talking about the everyday miracles that we tend to miss.

Everything I touch in the office is modern and man-made. But think about the raw materials pulled from the earth that makes up the phone on my desk. I don’t know about you, but for me it’s a little bit mind blowing to realise that these materials have always existed; humans just figured out a way to extract and use them to create something new entirely. The earth spins on its axis and we get to have a brand new day again and again. There are thousands of cultures all over the world that are so different, but we’ll all smile the same way. We might not be able to communicate, but we’ll all become professionals at charades to try and convey our words. And music! We can strum a guitar, piano, any of the dozens of instruments available, or we can just open our mouths and sing. Even our heartbeat is a constant rhythm. Our bodies move, our lungs expand, our skin regenerates without us needing to even think about it. The network of capillaries in our bodies isn’t much different from the web of veins on a single leaf.

And isn’t there something a little magical about that at all?

I know it’s a cliché, but we are surrounded by miracles existing around us every day, all we have to do is look a little closer. And that for me, is the real magic.

Best Wishes,



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