How to Write About a Fast Food Job on Your CV


I spent most of my life working with food. From my parent’s takeaway to waitressing or serving fast food, it’s the classic stereotype of a minimum wage, unskilled job. But if that’s the work you’re doing right now, don’t be discouraged- there’s absolutely nothing wrong with working hard at any job, no matter what people might think of it.

If you’re thinking of transitioning career fields, though, it might be a little difficult to write about a fast food job on your CV. Despite popular belief, flipping burgers is not the only skill you can talk about. I’ve compiled a list of the skills you can write about to encourage potential future employers to give you a chance:

1) Worked effectively with a core team to supervise sales

2) Introduced new products/menu items to prospecting customers

3) Ensured health and safety standards were being met in compliance with the law

4) Oversaw deliveries, stock ordering and inventory control

5) Maintained high standards of customer service during faced paced, high volume operations

6) Skilled in point-of-service computer systems for automated orders, as well as handling cash and credit transactions quickly and correctly

7) Organizing and processing initial order sheets for incoming and outgoing goods, and ensuring the accuracy and quality of stock/inventory were to a correct and high standard

8) Co-ordinated with teams across multiple branches to ensure our service was seamless and effective

9) Took the initiative to find extra tasks to assist with when regular duties were fulfilled

10) Built a loyal clientele based on friendly, positive customer service

11) Handled complaints and special orders with a prompt and professional manner

12) Promoted to [insert job title, e.g. Team Leader] and responsible for delegation of tasks and encouraging co-workers (Other leadership skills to talk about: motivation, communication, resolving team conflicts,)

13) Excellent time management and prioritisation skills

14) Front of house responsibility for greeting customers with a friendly and positive attitude

15) Provided supportive assistance for managers during high-volume periods

To be honest, potential employers aren’t going to be blind-sided by a few embellished words. However, selling your skills in a way that can be transferred to the new role you’re applying for will not only be more enticing for prospective employers, but it also shows you understand (and mastered) the traits that they’re looking for in a potential employee.

Good luck!

Best wishes,



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