The Millennial Market

It seems that Millenials are blamed for almost anything these days, but for me, I think the most interesting thing we’re blamed for is “killing” several industries. From golf [x] to soap [x], there doesn’t seem to be  any industry that hasn’t faced a decline in sales because of Millennials.

Which, if you switch your perspective for a moment, is quite an entitled accusation.

Businesses exist and thrive only because of their customers- that’s a pretty simplistic way to explain it. In order to increase sales, the business is, of course, responsible for promoting their products/services to the demographic they’re trying to make money from.

But not with Millennials, apparently.

If any industry or business is unable to sell their products to their demographic, we’d say that they’re failing at advertising effectively, or that they’re promoting to the wrong audience, or that their products simply aren’t good enough to be purchased. But why is it that with Millennials, we’re expected to spend our money on certain things?

By shifting the blame, you might assume that Millennials are responsible to keep certain industries afloat, as well as the implication that those industries have the right to our money. Clearly, this just isn’t the case. Times have changed, and with it, so have our needs and desires. Why blame Millennials for a product or service that just isn’t appealing to the current consumer market? Do the accusers think that Millennials are so entitled that they’re selfishly denying the money they earned to the industries that somehow deserve it?

That’s quite an entitled opinion, wouldn’t you say?


Best wishes,



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